A home inspection is an important part of the home-buying process. You need
to know the roof doesn’t leak and that you can use two appliances at once
without blowing a fuse. But what about the things an inspection doesn’t
cover? These less obvious features may be vital to your daily life. Here are three
things to look for before you buy that dream home.
The neighborhood: Get acquainted with your potential new surroundings. Note
the area’s walkability, its proximity to amenities like parks, libraries, and community
centers, and whether it’s a fit for your lifestyle. An aerial view map uncovers nuisances
not visible from the road, such as hidden train
tracks or a nearby airport.
The laundry room: Is it wedged next to the sink in the
kitchen? Are the bedrooms upstairs, but the washer and
dryer are hiding in the basement? Laundry is inevitable;
a well-placed laundry room will simplify your life.
Orientation: A home that is positioned well on its lot can
benefit from natural light and year-round energy savings.
According to the Bonneville Power Administration, homes
oriented toward the sun save 10-20% on heating costs.